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How To Make Computer Shut Off By Itself

Pc does not turn off by itself when i shut down – Components – Aug 09, 2010  · HelloCan anyone help me with my pc problem. I have antec 350 w power supply. After some upgrades, my pc does not turn off automatically when i shut …

My computer is shutting off randomly. It is a complete, no warning shut down. No BSOD, no visual clues at all. The computer then will power itself on after a short time.

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My computer keeps turning on by itself. – Motherboards – Sep 10, 2016  · Hi all. I just made a desktop computer and everything is working like a charm, except for when I turn off my computer, it will turn itself back on a while later.

Why Does My PC Suddenly Shut Itself Off? | PCWorld – Aug 27, 2008  · If Windows inexpicably closes and your PC shuts down, it’s almost certainly overheated. The PC, which monitors the temperature of the CPU, is …

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